Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm Pretty Sure This Is How The Swiss Do It...

"What in the hell is that?" my co-worker asked as I sat down to enjoy a delightful bowl of Swiss Miss hot cocoa.

"It's a bowl of hot cocoa. What does it look like?" I replied.

"Why aren't you drinking it from a cup?"

"Because this is how the Swiss enjoy their cocoa: from a bowl."

My co-worker was absolutely dumbfounded. I told her to go look on the box and she'd see that the Swiss Miss Girl is standing next to a giant bowl of hot cocoa. But apparently the Swiss Miss Girl isn't on the box of Swiss Miss products anymore.

As a matter of fact the only person on the Swiss Miss box was this Amazon Woman on the back:

Why do I say she's an Amazon? Look how HUGE she is in comparison to that bowl. I know what you're thinking: "She's drinking from a cup." But she's not. See how she has her hair pulled back. That's because the Swiss pull their hair back when drinking cocoa. That's how they keep their hair from getting in the cocoa and ruining what is an otherwise tranquil chocolate-flavored experience.

My co-worker clearly thought I was deranged so I hopped on the interwebs to do that Google thing and prove my correctness on the subject.

Let me tell you this: I don't know what happened to the Swiss Miss Girl, but apparently she no longer appears on Swiss Miss packaging [as demonstrated by the box above]. The only thing I could find was a promotional doll from who knows how many years ago.

I clearly remember a time from my childhood when the Swiss Miss Girl's face appeared on the boxes near the logo. I did a Google search for logos. All I could find were the new-fangled, SMG-free logo.

But I had a point to make. I spent a good chunk of my afternoon trying to find evidence of the Swiss Miss Girl standing next to a big bowl of hot cocoa. It took awhile because I kept getting side-tracked by search results for Swiss Miss Girl costumes.

But eventually my persistence paid off.

Check out the Swiss Miss Girl on the front of that circa-1978 box. She's standing next to a bowl of hot cocoa. She even has her hair pulled into pigtails to keep it out of the cocoa.

I showed my co-worker the picture of the Swiss Miss box.

She just rolled her eyes and went back to work.

Some people clearly don't like finding out that they're wrong.

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Rebecca Torres said...

I hate to burst your bubble, but it's not a bowl; there's handle on it, it is a cup and it's on a saucer. I do have to admit, the Swiss girl is very small, but it's not a bowl.