Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Rizz reads my email on-air

Rizz was talking about Tiger Woods supposedly giving his future ex-wife Elin $300,000,000 for her birthday. That's right: THREE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. Rizz mentioned that one of the casinos in Las Vegas used to have a million dollars on display. The bills were $10,000 bills. Nobody on the show knew who was on the $10,000 bill so I decided to toss a little knowledge their way:
Hey Rizz...I have absolutely no idea who is on the $10,000 bill. I do know that Bert Convy is on the $50,000 bill. I'm sure Aaron has no idea who that is. It's good to be alive!!!
Rizz gets a kick out of pop-culture references that the younger staff members don't get. Aaron mentioned one of the game shows that Bert Convy hosted. Rizz said Aaron had to look Bert Convy up on Google to find out who he was.