Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rizzo On My Phone!!!

Earlier this year I decided to get a new cellphone. My old Sprint phone was a phone. I could also play "Snake II" on it. No texting. No camera. No interwebs. No MP3 player. Zilch! Make calls. Take calls. Play "Snake."

I was thinking about jumping on the iPhone bandwagon but a couple of friends had G1 phones [the first Android phone] and raved about them. After doing some pretty extensive research comparing the pros and cons of each phone I decided to go with a G1. Unlike iPhone adoptees I don't have to buy a new phone to get expanded memory. I just have to switch out memory cards. And hey...I can remove the battery from my phone if need be. iPhone users can't do that without violating warranties. Plus, I'm a total geek for anything Google.

Of course the G1 had its share of cons. With it being the only Android phone quality apps were few and far between. But as Android phones have become available via other carriers the market seems to be getting better. The recent introduction of Verizon's Droid phone seems to have made a giant leap in making Android a contender to overthrow the iPhone's cellphone reign. And I feel pretty confident in saying that because of what I found today.

For the past couple of months WKNR has been running ads for an iPhone app that streams select ESPN Radio stations to the iPhone [this has to due with stations using Flash-based streaming versus MP3-based streaming...I'll spare you further technobabble]. Sadly they haven't been advertising a similar app for Android phones. And they still aren't...even though today I found the same app in the Android Market.

It cost $2.99 for the app [a bargain!] but now I no longer have to be sitting at a computer to listen to The Really Big Show with Tony Rizzo! It's good to be alive!!!