Monday, February 16, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Rizz reads my email on-air

Hey Rizz...just wanted to pass along congrats to Hammer for landing the eagle. Couple of questions:
  1. Was there an Amber Alert involved?
  2. If this landing occurred on Saturday night [Valentines Day], how drunk was she?
It's good to be alive!

The backstory: Aaron Goldhammer - programming director of WKNR and co-host of The Really Big Show with Tony Rizzo - had been carrying on a long-distance relationship with a gal named Rachel. They split up back before the holidays last year. Rizz began asking Hammer on a daily basis for and "eagle update" which generally went something like this:

Rizz: Hammer, has the eagle landed?

This morning Rizz teased a big announcement to occur during the 11am hour [Cleveland time]. The big news was that Aaron had landed the eagle.
Aaron picks out the bumper music played on the show and it's generally the type of stuff I imagine gets a lot of airplay on Disney Radio. And as you may recall from the first email of mine Rizz read on-air Hammer loves the Jonas Brothers. So that's why I asked if an Amber Alert was involved.
But more importantly, my second question led to the revelation that, yes, the landing took place on Saturday night. And yes, the girl was drunk. Hammer claims it's a girl that he sort of knows. Apparently he ran into her on the sidewalk after leaving a popular Cleveland bar.

So there you go. On-air email number three this year. I'm on a roll!!!