Monday, August 2, 2010

The Boom Boom Box @ Kessler Theater

For the past year or so my favorite local band has been The Boom Boom Box. Their music is apocalyptic and epic and at times hopeful. It reminds me of Jesu crossed with The Cure circa Pornography. Seeing them live is a treat. They don't play very often and when they do they are generally illuminated only by four sets of red-tinted florescent lights set about the stage. The focus is on the music.

This past Friday The Boom Boom Box played at Kessler Theater on a bill they shared with the reunited Bobgoblin as well as James Hall & The Futura Bold. Here's some photos I shot during The Boom Boom Box's set [Bobgoblin and James Hall pics are coming later]. Photographing the band can be challenging due to the extremely low light situation [someone at Kessler Theater did turn on some overhead stage lights at various points during the set]. Considering that I don't think these came out terribly bad.

You should have plenty of chances to see The Boom Boom Box in the coming months as they have a new album in the can. In the meantime, head over to iTunes and purchase their EP.