Friday, July 24, 2009

Dethalbum II is Coming!

Dethklok frontman Nathan Explosion made the following post on the band's Myspace page a few days ago:
Tuesday, July 21, 2009
It's finished.

THIS FALL we give you DETHALBUM II on SEPTEMBER 8th 2009!!!

A new season of HALF HOUR episodes.

the DETHGAME on XBOX 360 AND PS3 brought to you by Konami.

DETHKLOK VS THE GOON Comic book out on Dark Horse Comics (out soon sooner than fall)

AND THE DETHTOUR! (will announce line up soon).

Fuck yeah. We've been working hard for all of you!

Go die.


Do not go die. Not just yet. Experience this fall first. And then go die.

Nathan Explosion.

The CD and Deluxe Edition CD will be followed three weeks later by a picture disc vinyl edition on September 29.

Album art:

Track listing:

1. Bloodlines
2. The Gears
3. Burn the Earth
4. Laser Canon Deth Sentence
5. Black Fire Upon Us
6. Deth Support
7. The Cyborg Slayers
8. I Tamper with the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin
9. Murmaider II: The Water God
10. Comet Song
11. Symmetry
12. Volcano


Supersuckers at Granada Theater

The Supersuckers rolled into town Wednesday night to bring a heapin' helpin' of rock to the masses. And the masses showed up despite the fact that it was a Wednesday night. The band did not disappoint as they tore through a 90 minute set that featured a countrified mini-set in the middle of their show. The execution was far more successful than when they did the same thing in 1997 on the Must've Been High tour. The Supersuckers have been in the quarry for over 20 years now mining the rock [that's one bountiful quarry!] and show no signs of calling it quits anytime soon.

I've lost count of how many times I've seen them over the 15+ years that I've known them. I do know that they do not disappoint. I remember a show at Trees in the early 90s when they were touring for La Mano Cornuda [one of my all-time favorite albums]. Their trailer had been burgled the previous night and their spirits were low. They were ready to go home and the robbery only increased their desire to get back to Seattle. Playing instruments borrowed from their opening act [if memory serves correctly it was The Meices] they opened up the floor to cover requests. For five bucks apiece. I've never seen them do a show like that since [though they still play two or three covers each show].

Here's some photos from Wednesday night's festivities:

They're back! American Fuse and Speedealer

Wednesday night the Granada Theater turned into Deep Ellum circa 1995/96. American Fuse - who have played nary a show over the past year due to a band member recovering from a major injury [and this was after a hiatus of several years] - kicked off the evening's festivities with a solid set of garage rock. One of the band's prior shows had them opening for the legendary New York Dolls and it's easy to see why. American Fuse is carrying the torch lit by bands like the Dolls and MC5. And if the band was rusty after months of not performing it wasn't apparent. Drop by the band's Myspace page and get hip to what they're doing.

Next up was Speedealer who layed down a heavy groove before launching headfirst into a set of full throttle, foot to the floor, nitro-fueled rock. Their set was tight and furious. Seventeen years of shows have done nothing to tame the beast they unleash onstage.

You're next chance to see them in the Metromess will be at Reno's Chop Shop on Saturday, August 22. Check out their Myspace page for more info.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've finally decided to change up the blog a little. I found a layout more conducive to showing photos in posts. The old layout tended to chop the sides off most of the time. Regular visitors will also notice that the 30 Rock clip viewer can now be seen in all its glory. The previous layout did an unwanted trim job on it as well. I'll be messing around with different color combinations over the next couple of days. I know that some of the stuff is difficult to read right now. Fret not...a sense of normalcy will return before week's end.


BREAKING NEWS: Rizz reads my email on-air

Dear Rizz...It looks like justice can finally be served. After looking at the photo of King James being served on it's clear to me that the footage was shot by the same person responsible for filming Erin Andrews in her hotel room. It's good to be alive!!!
BACKSTORY: A couple of weeks ago Lebron James conducted a basketball skills clinic. In a pick-up game after the clinic a college player [Xavier's Jordan Crawford] made an epic slam dunk on Lebron which was caught on video. Representatives from Nike are reported to have confiscated the footage. Now TMZ is reporting that they have footage shot by someone else. They posted a still on their website:

The quality of the image is similar in quality to the hotel room footage of ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews that's been circulating around the internet. This footage became a hot topic this past weekend. Read more about that here.