Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy New Month!!!

Just before 2am I closed out my tab and departed from the Lakewood Landing. I guess Halloween parties ended around 1am because around 1:15 the place filled with teetering, slurring folks. Several persons drink orders were denied creating a tense vibe at the bar. I decided to make the short trek home before the Landing closed down for the night so that I could decrease my chances of being run over when the drunk exodus occurred.

As I walked up Gaston I passed a girl. We said "hello" to each other. I ducked in and picked up a package of CDs that I then dropped off about half a block away. En route to the drop-off I passed the girl again. This time "hello again"s were exchanged.

On the way back to my apartment I noticed that there was a gathering of emergency lights a couple of intersections away. It was like a disco had opened up in the middle of the street. I debated whether or not to give into my urge to go see what the fuss was all about. I got about halfway to the mid-street disco when all of a sudden it was gone. I crossed the street to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything.

Going back home I couldn't help but notice a strong scent of french fries and ketchup lingering in the air. I became transfixed by it and tried to find where it was coming from. But alas, I was unable to locate the source.

So I went home and watched a couple episodes of Freaks & Geeks and went to bed.

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