Monday, April 20, 2009

All Hail Amon Amarth!

Amon Amarth stopped by Granada Theater in support of their latest slab of audio mythology -Twilight of the Thunder God - and treated the gathered brethren to a rollicking ride through their various recordings. The set focused on the new album as well as its predecessor - With Oden On Our Side - but still included fan favorites from the older albums.

Words can't do justice to this band's dedication to give their fans their money's worth. Even though the band is generally classified as death metal there is a melodic undercurrent that sets them apart from the rest of the "Cookie Monster vocals" bands. The stage was adorned with shields on each side and a massive back curtain featuring the cover art of Twilight. The light show was rather extensive for the venue's size. I imagine it was very much what it was like to have seen Iron Maiden circa Number of the Beast. Below is a micro-album of photos from the show:

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Alex said...

fucking amazing show. Great pics