Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SSFM: Animal Crossing on Wii!!!

Ohmygawd...I just received an email from Nintendo about this game. It's going to be released on the 16th. Now I'm really going to start searching for a Wii. The original Animal Crossing is one of my all-time fave video games. It's the sole reason I've held onto my GameCube. The sequel - Animal Crossing: Wild World - was the game that inspired me to purchase a Nintendo DS.
I still haven't played any games on the Wii. But from what I've read about what the system's capabilities I imagine that AC Wii will not disappoint.
Time to get out my shovel and go dig up some bells!!!

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Unruhly said...

I wonder what makes you think Wii will be any more fun than gamecube?

I admit in advance to being a luddite to anyone who thinks I'm crazy.

I just think that all these new games and systems are a terrific way for the companies that design them to have another new revenue stream. To walk right in like a zombie is to do exactly what they want.

Go ahead, if you've got that many bells planted in the soil.