Friday, October 10, 2008

Want a free subscription to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY?

I received my renewal offer from Entertainment Weekly recently. EW is one of the few mags that I generally peruse from cover to cover every issue. I'd even venture that I read at least half of every single issue. For less than the cost of three issues on the newsstand I get roughly an entire year's worth [double-sized issues count as two issues]. I was pleasantly surprised as they're letting me renew at the exact same rate I initially subscribed at: $10.00 for 57 issues. But they went a step further in sweetening the deal: I get to give a 57 issue subscription to someone for FREE!!! This has proved to be more a more difficult task than I thought. I've asked several friends and acquaintences if they would like to be the recipient of the free subscription and nobody wants it. So I'm offering it up here.

If you're as obsessed with pop culture as I am email me the name and address you would like to have 57 issues of Entertainment Weekly sent to. That's it. No obligation to be my friend [but it would be sweet if you would become a follower and sing my praises!] or buy me dinner or anything like that.

I hate to see free magazines go to waste.

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madwhimsy said...

Sure, I'll take you up on it. Free mags are great! I can give them to my Mom after I've glanced at them. Then they can get tossed in the recycle bin. Or used in decoupage.